Restore your confidence and enhance the way you look.

SMP is a non surgical, cosmetic hair loss treatment delivering instant and natural looking results. Our treatments cover a multitude of hair loss conditions and are designed for both men and women.

Half crown hair loss treatment
Half Crown
From £750 Per Session

Half crown can be different for every individual. The most common half crown hair pattern is the “horseshoe”. The horseshoe occurs when you have no or very sparse hair from the hairline to the back of the crown. SMP works extremely well for this condition.

Full head hair loss treatment
Full Head
From £1200 Per Session

A full head is the most advanced stage of hair loss. Clients in this stage may have lost up to 75 to 100% of their natural hair due to genetics or a health condition.

A full head would be recommended for anyone suffering from Alopecia, post cancer treatments or natural hair loss.

I had my first session today with a couple more to go and I am so excited! I am feeling much more confident already. Joe is the best in the industry for a reason, and the initial result speaks for itself. It will only get better after each session. I promise you will not regret going to Hairlusion for all your SMP needs.
Nico Ricci

Scalp Scars
From £300 Per Session

Scalp scars are an area on the scalp that have been damaged through injury or surgery and this can result in permanent hair loss.

SMP is the perfect treatment to camouflage any type of scar and can be customised to blend in with your natural hair colour.

Wig & Hair Extension Damage
From £350 Per Session

Wig and Hair Extensions are good options for thinning hair or hair loss but unfortunately, these options can result in permanent scalp damage. Wigs and hair extensions are usually applied with a safe medical skin adhesive. With long term exposure this can suffocate the hair follicles.

Wig and Extension damage can result in bald areas of the scalp. SMP can blend and camouflage the damaged areas to match your natural hair colour.