“My aim is simple. To help restore your confidence

Joe Collins at Hairlusion

“I can instantly make your hair loss worries disappear!”

Joe’s story

Hi, I am Joe, and I am the head behind Hairlusion. My hair loss journey started at the young age of just 19. When I started to lose my hair, I also lost my identity and my confidence. Hair loss robbed me of a care free existence throughout the youngest years of my life.

Through desperation in trying to save my existing hair I have undergone every hair loss procedure within the industry. I have had laser treatment, the hair piece system, three failed hair transplants and countless years of toxic medication, all of which ultimately failed.

I was at a point in my life where I was ready to give up, but shortly after I was introduced to Scalp Micropigmentation, a hair loss procedure which would allow me to wear my hair shaved but give me a full hairline with instant results. I can honestly say SMP has changed my life and after having the treatment, my lost confidence returned and I felt like a new person.

SMP is by far the most powerful and rewarding skill I possess because every client has their own hair loss story and I have the ability to take them on the most life changing journey and put an end to their hair loss worries.


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